Welcome To Kanak Pipe Industries Private Limited


Plants and Equipments

  • Kanak Pipe Industries Private Limited (KPIPL) has a totally integrated manufacturing facility from

    casting to packing, all process are carried out in-house.

  • Melting & Casting process carried out in 350 KW/ 750 Kgs capacity Coreless Induction Melting

    Furnace VAP Make and water cooled casting moulds.

  • We have 880 US Tons horizontal Oil Hydraulic Extrusion Press of UBE Japan make. It is PLC

  • alloys as Tubes, Rods & Sections. The billet heating furnace coupled with extrusion press has an accurate temp. control of billet with radiation Pyrometer.

  • Finishing operation of tubes carried out at fourteen precision Draw Benches of various pull

    capacities, to manufacture sizes as per customer's requirements.

  • We also equipped with Mesh Belt Type Controlled Atmosphere Bright Annealing Furnace suitable for quality bright annealing of Copper and Copper alloys for intermediate & final annealing operation. The bright annealing furnace is coupled with a MVS make Nitrogen + Hydrogen gas generator producing gas at very low dew point (-)60°C and oxygen level 1 ppm. A Precision control of Nitrogen & Hydrogen ratio is maintained to achieve best result of bright annealing.